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Company Mission

To be a pioneers and a leader in providing quality construction services within agreed specification quality and time. Al Mezin General Contracting main objectives are to practice Construction Contracting business and completing the projects as per agreed cost, time and quality. The create a progressive working environment for all our employees and to ensure to our share holders reasonable return on each construction project. All the time we ensure that al Mezin General Contracting name in synonymous to quality of Construction Services.

  • Al Mezin General Contracting : Completion of Quality Projects within budget and time plan to optimum satisfaction of client.

  • Al Mezin General Contracting : The Engineering Construction services Company.

  • Al Mezin General Contracting Est. : The Execution Quality Projects on time and budget.

  • Al Mezin General Contracting : Creating Value through Construction.

  • Al Mezin General Contracting : Dedicated to Quality, reliability, and environment.

  • Al Mezin General Contracting : Committed to working for the long-term benefit of our clients.

  • Al Mezin General Contracting : Committed to quality requirements for commencing the
    works of high standard as decided in recognized international; odes of practice, standards as decided in recognized international codes of practice, standards and client specifications.

  • Al Mezin General Contracting : Interview planning, careful, implementation and the commitment of qualified and professional managers, engineers and workers.

Al Mezin General Contracting made a rapid growth in Construction Sector, which was a result of the increase in rapid-up capital from Three Hundred Thousand Dirhams in 1992 to Five million Dirhams. This growth is attributed to the capability of successfully executed projects with different clients and of different types of Civil Engineering Construction works. The success achieved because of having qualified and professional management, and Engineers supported with over 700 employees and adequate

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