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Methodology & Approach of Conducting Construction

We Deal with each project as special case with full attention regardless of their types size and complexity the organization chart is fully implemented. For a large project, a project manager with assistance of site engineers will be allocated on full time on such project. Wherever we have small project, only site engineer will be assigned for their project. In all cases, we have site supervisors and foremen will be working these projects. Quality target is to complete the project as per conducted terms & conditions with regard of cost & time.

Al Mezin General Contracting will ensure that all Sub-contract purchased item and service are accordance with specified requirements. To comply with this requirement, procedures are established to control these activities.

The selection Sub-contractors will be made based on their capability for controlling quality of materials, compliance to required specification.

Al Mezin General Contracting has the appropriate procedures that are require carrying out the execution of the entire project from the initial stage of taking over the projects to ensure systematic completion of the projects.

It models the operations flow of information, and decision-making process characteristics of a feedback control system. Site environment : is considered regarding major conditions that affect the initial plan, such as, weather and procurements delays and even unexpected good facilities on site. The initial plan is made with consideration of the viable resources, proposed budge and site environment. This initial plan becomes also reference standards for control purpose. The site are monitored and measured and the above fed as date into a system, to produce information for decision makers. This information processing system refers to planned standard, such as schedules and budget, to show deviations, variances and trends. The information is analyzed and made expertise in order to produce new modified plans for controlling the project operations.

The feedback system operates continuously the project life cycle. Such as associated with its feedback time ideally, the time should be as short as possible so that Construction Managers and Project Manager/ Engineers, can receive a accurate ad up-to date information in time to make decision and formulate plans of actions so as to have maximum impact in controlling those operations which are generating the information in the first place.

A Promising approach to explaining project success is through the use of the proper contractual approaches such as traditional, Design Build Turnkey, Design- Mosque turnkey, Owner- Builder and professional construction manager. We are aware with the alternate contractual approaches of traditional versus phased construction. We deal professionally with how to use different factors interact and contribute to the success of the project. There are many interface activities final cost and schedule over project life. There are different risks allocated to the project to the owner and contractor for different types of contracts at different project progress where stages in project development have different resks seeing the whole project progress where stages in project development have different risks seeing the whole project life cycle.


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