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Al Mezin General Contracting is a fast growing and dynamic Construction Company specializing in engineering, construction and maintenance of Civil Works facilities, high rise building, houses, complexes, schools, hospitals, and any type of building categories.

U.A.E. has already received international recognition for major transformations that have taken here for over the last decades. The country skyline is impressive with towering high-rise building dominating adjacent enclave’s souks and residential neighborhoods. The credit for the country’s rapid expansion programs to be placed on The President His Highness Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan and his forward-looking Government, as well as the planners and developers who continue to invest heavily in improving the infrastructure of the country. Construction and General Contracting Companies have been the catalyst for innovative and cost effective ideas and techniques, which have enabled the architects and designers to let their powers of imagination run free, especially in relation to maintaining Islamic architectural features in their design concepts. Their heavy investment in construction plants and equipment as well as expertise, has provided the capability for rapid change to accommodate the needs of the country’s population in the 21 st century.

Al Mezin General Contracting entered the local construction market more than decade ago and quickly earned its reputation for timely completion of construction projects. By adopting the cost effective techniques we can deliver major turnkey and other types of projects to meet the highest international standards and to the full satisfaction of our clients, Projects have been completed within the following sectors : Government and intuitional, military, residential and commercial. Typical types of projects include multi-story residential and corporate office towers, palaces, Rest houses and majlis villas residential housing and low cost housing.

The technical support services and quality department ensure that projects undertaken by the company and all the equipment purchases meet the specifications and requirements of our customers that planning of construction works matches the schedules laid down by our customers.

Al Mezin General Contracting has the confidence and expertise to act as either a nominated Main Contractor or Joint venture contractor. One of the principal factors sustaining the growth of Al Mezin Cont. & Gen. Maint. ESt. optimism and genuine belief in the quality of their work. The strength of their capabilities and the technical expertise of its staff. The traditional construction and general contracting activities of Al Mezin General Contracting extends into commercial and residential properties. A number of turnkey and other projects have been. Executed for prestigious Clients that include. The Department of social services and commercial building, and both Abu Dhabi and Al Ain Municipalities. A Time schedules set by the clients. This is achieved throught the close collaboration as well as the company expands its operations to cover diverse market sectors. A quick review of their accomplishments will reveal over major construction contacts, all completed enough fleet of construction plant and equipment. Al Mezin General Contracting consider on important value of safety and quality in construction.

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