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Corporate Philosophy and strategy

The complete Construction Project up to Client satisfaction during the periods of construction, maintenance and usage stages. Hard work, hardworking indeed played a role in our success and we will continue to grow and expand giving our current and future clients the best professional services. Immediately upon awarding a contract to Al Mezin General Contracting, the General Manager will appoint the Project Manager and thereafter the project team will be selected. The project team is composed of the most qualified and suitable personel of the required experienced to complete the projects as per the contractual plan. To keep ahead of competition and insure construction leadership, Al Mezin General Contracting  business philosophy and strategy as follow:

  • Maintain quality, specification time frame and construction services delivery and to have the best-qualified and skilled professionals to Al Mezin General Contracting organization.

  • All Al Mezin General Contracting personnel are responsible to perform or verify

  • Work affecting quality, and will have the freedom and quality through organizational channels to initiate action to prevent the occurrence of non-conformity, recommend and provide solutions for implementation of sections.

  • To ensure that all projects contractual and specifications and requirement are met with minimum wastage and rework and achieve a reliable, quality and cost effective system of management.

  • To expand our core business locally and explore potentials for regional and global expansion.

  • To grow through internal investment as well as to actively seek appropriate partners for mega specialized projects on Joint Venture basis.

  • While the civil works and building facilities will be as the main area of our operations, we should always ensure as sufficient real-local regional presence to support our operations and to have on edge over the competition.

  • To introduce new autonomous specialized engineering and Construction business units and to form an attractive new company of Joint Venture basis with qualified and professional specialized company in such fields.

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