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Responsibilities & Authority of Finance & Administration Department

  • Securing the tender bonds. Bank guarantees and finance for new jobs.

  • Purchasing of Company Capital Assets, Plant, Machinery and Material Projects.

  • Ensuring that the cost accounts are updated and the feedback from the site is directly entered into the system.

  • Management of Personnel, Public Relations and Recruitment.

  • Controlling the Projects/ Site Stores, Corporate Central Workshop and Warehouse.

  • Controlling the labor camps.

  • The assessment of all new contractor & suppliers.

  • Receiving the purchase requisition from site and securing the approval from MD.

  • Issuing all necessary inquiries for getting prices during the execution of the project.

  • Issuing all necessary inquiries for getting the best prices during the execution of the project.

  • Placing order with suppliers/ sub contractors.

  • Ensuring that the annual physical inventory check is carried out.

  • The execution of the Project within the allocated duration budgets and as per Contractís Plan for all phases as Projects.

  • Ensuring that the Quality of the materials and execution of work in accordance with the acceptance criteria identified for the Project.

  • Confirming that all Company Procedures are available and in place to ensure that smooth running of the project, requesting any support from Head office regarding Payroll and Administration requirement.

  • Review and consultation with Costing and planning to prepare the detailed program for the execution of the Project. If necessary a revision of program shall be done.

  • Approval of material flow sheets the acceptable of materials required for the project, checking that the time scale for the delivery is acceptable and will concur with the planning schedules.

  • Reviewing the manpower requirements for the project with Administration & Finance Department to ensure the correct numbers of personnel can be mobilized to meet the requirement of the Project.

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