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Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Management

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) requirements Safety and quality go hand in hand during the course of conducting Al Mezin General Contracting business. The requirements for effective management if safety and environmental matters runs paralled to those set down for quality management system. We have therefore made a conscious business design to incorporate quality, safety and environmental requirements into our management system, and consequently these subjects will upon to audit by the assessment authorities, Health Safety and Environmental requirements are line management responsibilities with each manager being held accountable on the same level as their accountability for construction. We have the engineering knowledge, quality standards and construction capability to fulfill the requirements and meet the most stringent standards and specification of our customers. Al Mezin General Contracting has undertaken numerous major construction projects for both government and private sectors. An extensive knowledge and awareness of safety matters are strictly used in every construction site as follow:


(1) Safety Procedures followed on the Commencement of any Projects are:

On every project a dedicated safety officer is appointed on the site Safety Officer will submit a report directly to the Quality & Safety Manager on weekly basis. The duties of the Safety Officer are :

  1. Ensure that every person coming to work on site, including sub-contractor, undergo basic safety training.

  2. Ensure that adequate stocks of safety and first aid equipment are maintained.

  3. Maintain lifting equipment and scaffolding registers.

  4. Conduct routine and safety audits (Company Standard Format)

  5. Investigate and report on any accident or incidence.

  6. Establish adequate stocks of Personal Protection Equipment, i.e Boots, Helmets, Overalls, etc.

  7. Establish adequate stocks and locations for first aid equipment.

  8. Establish and notify Hospital Accident Unit and Doctor.

  9. Establish in-house training procedure and timings.

There has not been any major accident on any of our sites and our general standard of safe working practices, safety training and safety measure taken is considered to be satisfactory by all our clients.


(2) Safety manuals are made available on every site along with the company’s reports and pro-forma as follows:

  • Daily safety status report.

  • Weekly safety status report for all sites.

  • Safety work instructions report.

(3) The company given great concern for the health level for all its employees and follows the following procedures:

  • Conduct periodically general medical check-up for all employees.

  • Provide immediate medical treatment as and when required.

  • Provide first –aid facilities on all sites.

  • Provide health insurance for the staff.

The company will strive to prevent all accidents, injuries and occupational illness and will make continuous efforts to protect the environment, throught the active participation of every employee and contractor. The company believes that good HSE performance is on integrate part of its business and will treat HSE issue in the same way as other primary objectives.


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