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Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA & QC)

Al Mezin General Contracting Has been assessed and registered against the provision of ISO 9001 : 2000 International Standard with Registration Number 029100 Al Mezin General Contracting ./ is well equipped to deal with different contractual approaches. We can work separately or/ and with other international firms for major and specialized projects. Meeting the project specifications and contracts terms and conditions are our objectives. Compliance with the specifications and quality of material and standard of Quality assurance Manual, which is being internationally applied and may summarize the steps as follows: Quality Assurance Management to coordinate and monitor the Quality System and to prompt and affective action is taken to ensure that requirements of the Quality Assurance are met for each projects separately.

Only well trained personnel are assigned to verify proper performance to work. The Quality System will be reviewed including assessment of results of the internal quality audits. A review schedule will be established and the adjusted on the basis of results and experience gained from the previous applications. Ongoing review of defects and irregularities, suggests improvements, level and will also ensure that the management objectives and methods are achieving he desired results established by top management. The Quality policy of Al Mezin General Contracting is to ensure that the projects completed are delivered to the clients of the required quality level which is our business environment. The quality objective of Al Mezin General Contracting is to fulfill the Quality policy for the development and implementation of ISO 9001: 2000

  • All Employees to be active improved in quality implementation.

  • Customer satisfaction by using the appropriate technology

  • On-going awareness and training for all Al Mezin General Contracting is employees

  • Support and promote quality in the evening working area.

  • To continue taking proper preventive and connective actions on the non-conformances observes\d during the work.

  • Carrying art regular internal quality audits.

  • Regular meeting and proper use of communication channels to ensure that the quality policy is reached all our employees.

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