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Responsibilities & Authority of QA and HSE Section

  • The control and Distribution of the Companyís Quality Manual and Procedures Manual.

  • The internal Audit : Issue and follow-up

  • Reviewing any amendments to the Quality Management System.

  • Maintaining the Quality records.

  • Coordinating with the certification body about the surveillance visitís schedule.

  • Taking care of clientís complaints and Corrective Action Request (CARIS)

  • Further, develop of Quality Control Activities in Site in Line with the Project requirement.

  • Overseeing, monitoring and implementation of the Quality System.

  • The implementation of the Quality Control System for the Project.

  • The control of work performance.

  • Controlling all inspection activities on site.

  • Completion of all the necessary Quality check.

  • Ensuring that all Test Equipment is Calibrated and suitable for use on site.

  • Assist in the inspection of all materials delivered to site to ensure they confirm to specified requirements.

  • The Execution of the Company Safety System. To further develop the company Safety System Procedure. The reduce accidents to personnel, Plant, Machinery, & Equipment.

  • The overall safety and information to all personnel throughout the contract duration.

  • Informing operatives of the company safety procedures and site regulation as required by the Contract.

  • Compiling and issuing sites safety files, Statutory Notices and regulations required for site operations.

  • Issuing of company safety Notices warming of dangerous occurrences and practices.

  • Maintaining standards of plant and tools, through out operations of regular site inspection

  • Maintaining standards of temporary power supplies, through regular inspections.

  • Inspection scaffolding to ensure correct erection prior to use.

  • To check and test Project / Materials used for the Civil Scope of work in compliance with the project.

  • Taking specimen samples.

  • Calibration of Testing Equipments.

  • Maintaining a clean and safe work area.

  • Ensuring that the Quality materials and installation of work is in accordance with the acceptance criteria identified for the Project of the quality system.

  • Ensuring that the work is completed in a safe manner and that all necessary safety regulations and statutory requirements are followed.

  • Supervision of any subcontracted work to ensure Quality and Completion of work in accordance with the project specification.

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