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Responsibilities & Authority of Projects Costing & Planning Section

  • Receiving the tender documents.

  • Start the Project Profile

  • Brief review for completeness

  • Deciding if a site visit necessary and accordingly assigning the appropriate person(s) to carry out the visit.

  • Send the inquiries, prepared by the QS and the Engineers for the Supplier and Subcontractors.

  • Analyzing the quotation pricing of job.

  • Updating of projects scheduled and programs as per requirement.

  • Prepare the submittal as per contract terms and conditions.

  • Preparing the technical submittal during the tender stage.

  • Preparing the manpower histogram and progress curve.

  • Preparing the cost codes.

  • Preparing the cash flows.

  • Following-up the progress of the project and up-date the respective charts.

  • Preparing the regular monthly/ weekly progress reports.

  • Preparing the cost control reports showing the financial status of the project regarding the budget allocated and work done.

  • Signing the projects profile.

  • Full checking of documents for completeness.

  • Itemizing the scope of work.

  • Preparing the list of suppliers/ subcontractors.

  • Filling the summary status report.

  • Summarizing the direct and indirect costs.

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